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Welcome to the Function 2011 website

The party is over!


2011. 09. 19. - That was it.
Yup, that was it. Thank you everyone for coming, here are the photos, videos, and released prods.
2011. 09. 06. - Timetable, seminars, etc.

The timetable, sponsor roster, and seminar synopsis has arrived on the website - information about the other seminar will follow very soon.

One of the changes this reveals is that we will honor the results of the vote and keep the prizegiving early in the morning, right after the end of the compos. (This also means that anyone found to be phoning for a taxi immediately after the demo compo will be discreetly buried in the back yard.)

2011. 08. 11. - Once we'll do this BEFORE the party for a change.

So. As you may have educatedly guessed, Function will happen this year too, so without further ado the website is online, with most of the important data already in place.

We'd like to highlight two important changes: after reading the writing on the proverbial wall, we decided not to hold a 4kgfx compo, and combine the 4k and 64k categories. It's tragic, we know, but that's how it goes - hopefully the releases this year will prove us wrong.

Our other change is about registration: This year we hold a vote about the much-discussed timeframe of the prizegiving, hoping to settle this debate for good.

Demo away! (...sorry.)